Frequently Asked Questions

Why does give away stuff for FREE?

Great question. To be transparent about it, we will answer you straight forward. We are a business. We give away valuable goods for FREE every day because we are hoping you will come to check out what other great products we have as well. We can't make a business from just giving away stuff for FREE forever. We have limited quantities and merchandise are given out FREE while supplies last. We hope that you come to check out the site and find it out for yourself that this site truly offers you great products and incredible values. Do you have any obligations to buy anything else other than grabbing your stuff for FREE? No. There is no obligation at all. You are not required to purchase anything beyond what we offer for FREE. We are not doing what some retailers do called "Tied Selling". We simply offer you every day something for FREE. Just pay shipping only just to cover our shipping and handling cost. But once you are here, you can see all the great products we have and the incredible values from sales discounts, quantity discounts, and FREE shipping too, in addition to the FREE stuff we offer.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to USA and Canada only. As the business expands, we aim to go worldwide but for the time being, just within prime USA and Canada locations. Some remote locations on an exception basis and higher shipping charges might apply.


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