The following is an independent article that talks about the very secured online purchases through the Shopify technologies.

As you read the article, you will get your question answered on the safety of Shopify.  To summarize briefly, one paragraph says it like this:

"Let’s put that question to bed by confirming once and for all that yes, Shopify is safe. Shopify is the probably safest ecommerce platform to launch your business by almost every measure..."

When you purchase from, during checkout, you will be re-directed to the Shopify secured eCommerce platform where you will complete your transactions.

None of your personal data are located on our site but at the highly secured Shopify eCommerce platform where information security is at heart and soul of their business and their information security standards are at the highest industry levels.

As our customers, we uphold your data safety level at the highest level. That is why we chose to utilize the Shopify technology to process all your purchase transactions.


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