Why Shop With Us?

JustPayShippingOnly.com offers you unique and quality products at really affordable prices with unparalleled values. Rarely do any online stores offer not just one but ALL of the following:

  1. Quality, unique merchandise;
  2. Sales discounts;
  3. Quantity discounts - you buy more you'll save more, an additional 20% off on top of sales discounts;
  4. FREE shipping on regular and on sale items;
  5. Last but certainly not least, a wide selection of FREE items. Just pay shipping only.

These are values that are just unheard of in other online offers. For our customers' data security and protection, we also utilize Shopify , the leading top eCommerce platform with the highest security in the online retail industry. Read more under "Shopify Secured Transactions" on our site.

Have fun shopping!


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